Pre-Enrolments for current, by term, and future years

​Where do I enter pre-enrolment details for a student?

All student details are in the People> Student's area, and a student automatically becomes a pre-enrol where the start date entered is a future date.

  1. All fields except NSN are compulsory to enter into the Pre-Enrol student box. Type into Surname and First name fields

  2. Date of birth can be typed in, then click on that date in the date picker

  3. Select gender Male/Female

  4. Click 'Search'. The details just entered will appear together with a General information box for further information. See additional enrolment, MoE and ethnicity details

  5. Click 'Save Enrolment'.


Pre-enrolled students need to be added to a class prior to their starting date. This enables them to appear in the class roll for marking on their first day of attendance as a full time student. The 'Start Date Here' field on the student's enrolment determines the date they appear in the class roll for the first time.


Where can I see a list of pre-enrolled students?

  1. Select year you wish to view pre-enrolments from (using Previous or Next arrows). Pre-Enrolments for that year are listed together with Date of Birth and Start Date

  2. To delete records where they do not pursue enrolment, select the student and 'Delete Marked'.



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