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Getting Started

New to edge? We've prepared an introduction to the basics summary page, and Caregiver portal video for convenient online payments, attendance, achievement, attitude to learning reporting, student timetable and more. For Timetabling setup, see our playlist.

New Features

Release notes

For secondary and area schools, check MoE requirements for Secondary Tertiary and Youth Services Initiative details. Check our new Achievement 2013-17 (ART), form class progress table, and Edit Course Standards pages for NCEA.

Teachers can enter Interim and Final OTJ results for National Standards.

Experiment with the powerful New Achievement functionality incorporating Writing Exemplars, Curriculum Strands, junior assessments and more. Our indepth introductory overview video and Assessment points setup allows you to compare and track a range of classes and groups over time.

e-asTTle and National Standards are available in Overall Tracking.

For senior school NZSSSC Census returns using the Excel spreadsheet or queries, see your RSD or more here.


  • New Auto Timetabling functionality now available

    In our new EDGE functionality developed with timetabling guru John Baumfield, there is now a choice to create your school timetable either manually or automatically. EDGE now has the capability to automatically generate option lines and allocate students to classes. There's extra filtering of subject, course and year levels to the option line and student allocation pages to assist with focusing on a particular area of the timetable for large schools. We've also adopted the ‘pinning’ functionality so popular in TTSM in the student

  • Attitude to Learning

    Area and secondary schools with timetabled classes have an easy way to communicate performance regularly through the caregiver portal, only taking teachers a minute or two

  • Latest in caregiver reports

    Breaking news - we'll be releasing custom caregiver reporting to provide a greater choice of caregiver reports for primary schools for term 4.

    In addition to our existing caregiver reporting templates, we will be offering the creation of customised caregiver reports. In Version 1, schools can send their custom report formats to MUSAC for our team to create the report and make it

  • edge Finances

    Avoiding the need to download files for updating, your edge Financial Officer can export to Financial Manager, or send batches automatically for export to Xero. For settings and

  • NAG2A

    For NAG2A reporting on students' OTJs in years 0-8 enrolled at 1 November, see summary tables and links in our  NAG2A knowledge base article.

edge Network status

Our routine for edge updates is Wednesday and some Friday evenings at 6 pm for up to 15 minutes.

edge status is updated during week days between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm - check release notes regularly to keep up with new functionality and changes.

See 30 September release notes details on Dashboard changes made for switching between the Admin view and the Teacher view