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  1. Logging In - the user responsibility(ies) assigned determine the pages you have access to, and whether you see the Teacher-only view accessing your class, or administrator Dashboard. On this page widgets can be added or removed, or moved around on the page. These display information relevant to specific user responsibilities (eg. if you are responsible for overseeing attendance or enrolments for MoE Returns). The help ribbon is available from the top right of each page in edge.
    • If you want more than one edge page open at once, right click on the item (or link if you are on a page already) and choose 'open link in new tab'.
    • On the left navigation panel in Answers, click 'Expanded Index' to see the extended complete view of knowledge base articles.
  2. School Summary

       Enrolment Summary includes size

       Student Counts

       Bulk Student Photos

  3. Enrolment


       Enrol student

       Enrolment > Student Details (includes membership of groups)

       Add Caregivers

  4. Primary schools - create a class

  5. Courses

       NCEA setup

  6. Attendance

  7. Finance

  8. Pastoral

  9. Setup  -  School details and settings, including electronic attendance settings. This area includes other settings for your school, eg. allow 'Use Caregiver Portal' and 'Use Best Fit' (National Standards), vertical title in form class type. When setting the Principal's details, these must first have been added as a staff member using Enrolments > Staff. Where dates of birth are not known, use 1/1/80 as a default (compulsory fields are preceded by a *).

Teacher View

Caregiver View

Student View



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