Assay Analysis

How do I access Assay Analysis? Users will need Teacher User Responsibility Rights to access the Analysis function of Assay.

Assay Analysis

An optional data analysis tool that takes your NCEA, PAT and OTJ data stored in Edge and presents it using an extensive range of filters in a colourful and graphical format. The data can be displayed in Teacher, HoD or School Leader centric views.

For example; Assay can show you how each of your students is going compared to their other classes, previous years’ results and their data such as PATs..... Assay can also give you your current classes by student in a form which gives an instant picture for each individual.

Assay is a separate 3rd party product that MUSAC has partnered with then embedded into Edge. For those schools wishing to enable this functionality the annual license fee is listed below.

For more information, visit the Assay website.

For an interactive demo, click here and login with Username: demo and Password: demo.

NB: Not all features available in the demo will be included in Edge. The functionality available in Edge will be: Wizard, Global Dashboards, Growth Dashboard, My Classes Student Graphs, My Classes Graphs / Tables, All Classes Student Graphs and Whole School Graphs / Tables.  

All prices are GST exclusive.

You can find a whole lot of info about assay3 here: https://www.assay.co.nz/assay3/ including an intro video that has interviews with several users on how they use Assay.

There is also a full online demo available for the NCEA data here: hosted.assay.co.nz/demo/  The username and password are both demo (all lower case).

We can also do analysis on Junior data, PATs, OTJs e-asttle and more.

Assay3 is now in over 200 schools, and growing by a couple of schools a week, largely through word of mouth.

The goal with Assay is to make it easy for schools and teachers to get the data they need in a format that they can use it, without needing to spend ages trying to get it there.

To enable this functionality or for further information contact: sales@edgelearning.co.nz.


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