English assessments

Incorporated in the new Achievement teacher functionality are the English assessments listed below.




e-asTTle Reading

Junior Assessment   (incorporating Marie Clay and Record of Oral Language)

PAT (Comp)    PAT (Grammar)    PAT (Vocab)

Probe 1    Probe 2

Running Records

STAR 2012

National Standards (Reading)


e-asTTle Writing

Writing Exemplars

National Standards (Writing)





PAT (Listening)

School Entry


Curriculum strands - English

Curriculum strands

  • Listening
  • Presenting
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Viewing
  • Writing

Junior Assessments

Recording Marie Clay results

Results for Junior Assessments - Marie Clay ('6-Year Net') observation survey can be entered for individual students when ticked in assessment configuration. The Age Range selected will derive the stanines from the raw scores entered for the different tests. Results can be edited by selecting the 'Edit mark' link, and single entries can be deleted. Junior assessment can also be saved with partial results. 

Note:  Reading Age is still mandatory, but you can now add partial results, eg. Letter Identification Score or Clay Word Reading Score only.  

For Oral Language, you still need the minimal of Marie Clay results entered.


Test results showing the date sat are available for analysis in a sortable table and attainment table/graph.

Sortable table:

students with sub-test values for their Age range, eg. Selected Age Range 6.6 - 7.0 yrs and a value 25 for Letter Identification automatically calculates a stanine 1. The table lists all sub tests sat with the raw score and stanine

Current Analysis

The bar graph presents a choice of data to analyse, displaying the appropriate stanine or the raw score

  • Letter identification
  • Concepts about print
  • (Clay) Word reading
  • Writing vocabulary
  • Hearing and recording sounds in words
  • (Duncan) word reading

The results include the raw score and stanine for each of the tests - displayed as Raw Score/Stanine   eg.  51/4.

These results can be viewed, exported or printed.

Record of Oral Language ("ROL") results

The date assessed is a required field, together with ROL1 n/14, ROL2 n/14, ROL3 n/14, and ROL Total n/42.

A note can be entered, and it is not compulsory to enter data for ROL when entering Marie Clay assessment data. 


This reading assessment (similar to Probe 2) in edge is configurable for your students in years 1-10, and when configured will appear on the Achievement English tab. edge does not have a restriction on the number of PROBE 1 test results entered for the year. Results appear in Analysis, and assessment points (dates for comparison) can be set for PROBE1.

For the difference between PROBE 1 versions, see more.

Proceed to enter the date sat, which of the option sets was used; and if option 1 was chosen the Oral Reading Analysis data entry fields and a notes field (<500 characters) are made available. The option sets can be a different number for fiction/non fiction. Data entry (by student) allows ‘failed’ result (values below the 96% comp analysis and the 70% decoding range) to be entered for those who want to record what has been tested, but will not be part of any analysis. 

The Reading Comprehension values contain different values for fiction and non-fiction across all sets for:

Literal      Reorganisation      Inference      Vocabulary      Evaluation      Reaction

An overall comment (maximum 500 characters) can be made relating to both tests completed. The reading age is then calculated and displayed (using the Reading Age, Decoding Age, Comprehension Age, Not Achieved description and reading age of the set entered), showing the latest result on the English landing page (and when the functionality is completed, also the Overall Tracking page).

Writing Exemplars

Writing exemplars are available for data entry, for 1B, 1P, 1A through to 8B, 8P and 8A. 

Curriculum Strands

The English curriculum area is broken down to the following strands for each of the 8 levels. These curriculum assessments are able to be set up for students in Years 0-13, and all strands have the ability to enter a result of ‘early’ and ‘at’. For each year level you can select all curriculum levels and there's no restriction on how many results are entered. To change a result, so long as assessment points have been set up, you can view and edit saved results by selecting "Add/Edit" from an assessment point. 


       Level 1-8  for Listening,  Reading,  Viewing,  Speaking,  Writing,  and  Presenting


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