For students who are receiving Reading Support, BURT testing may be undertaken frequently (monthly) to assess progress and is used to help select the appropriate Reading Text for Running Records

The BURT Word Reading Test primary assessment for English is a word recognition test used with Years 2-9 to derive a broad estimate of a student’s reading achievement. The raw score is converted into an ‘Equivalent Age Band’ (EAB). There is a gender specific EAB, and a combined gender EAB.

The test is used in different ways by different schools, and groups within schools. For example, it can be used as part of the 6-Year Observation Survey (6 Year Net) and /or to assess new children (at any Year Level) who start at a school.

The fields for Date Sat, Gender and Age will be already filled from the student's existing data. The Equivalent Age Band (EAB) automatically calculates once the teacher types in the raw score, which can be between 20-80:

  • for male students, the age bands display for Boys and Girls & Boys

  • for female students, the age bands display for Girls and Boys & Girls

Once the results have been saved, they can be edited. While there is no limit to the number of BURT results that can be entered, only the two most recent results display initially for each student. 

Assessment Analysis

In Assessment > Analysis, test results are available for analysis for Students, Class and Year Level views. Where a result is not available, the box is greyed out. 

These can be viewed, exported or printed.


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