Linking to Xero

Edge enjoys a trusted partnership with Xero, making it even easier to send data to Xero. Financial batches created in edge can be automatically sent to Xero. You can also import your ledger numbers from Xero. Please ensure that once you have set this up that any Ledgers that have been billed in Edge are not subsequently changed or deleted in Xero.

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Getting Started

Importing Ledgers

Exporting a batch

Flow Diagram



Video explanation on how to set up Xero with Edge.

Getting Started

  1. Under Finance\Configuration\Finance Settings tick Enable Xero Integration and SaveEnable Xero
  2. Click on Connect to Xero and log in to Xero (if needed) and follow the prompts to Allow access      Connect to Xero
  3. ​Now you should see the details of the Xero Connection Status  Xero Connection Status


Importing Ledgers

  1. Identify the three Special Accounts

    Bank Account Type: BANK where the income is deposited;

    Account for Income in Advance, Type: CURRENT LIABILITY where the income is received, but not allocated to Billable Items

    Account for Clearing Account, Type: CURRENT LIABILITY interim account used in the "Export Batch to XERO" process (showing overall Zero).

  2. Add any ledger numbers already used in edge to  XERO. Note: any unmatched ledger numbers will be deleted). If new to using Edge Finances then you can sync to import the revenue ledger numbers from Xero in Edge.

  3. In edge (Finances\Configuration\Maintain Ledger Number) enter 'Special Ledgers' and click the "Sync with XERO" button, this displays a message confirming when the accounts are successfully synchronised. 

Xero Ledgers


Exporting a batch

From Finance\Processing\Batch Processing you can close a batch and then export it to Xero

All payments will come through to both the ledger for each item and to the bank feed for reconciliation via the clearing account.

Xero batch export

Shows on the Ledger in XeroXero batch on account

and on the Bank in XeroXero Bank


Flow Diagram

Xero Flow diagram


What happens when I add new ledgers in Xero ?

You will need to sync the accounts again under Maintain Ledger Numbers


How do I add new ledger numbers in Edge ?

You will need to add new ledgers into Xero first and then sync as above


What do I put in the 3 ledgers in the maintain Ledger number page ?

You need the ledger numbers for your main bank account, unallocated credits and a clearing account. You will need to create these in XERO if they don't already exist


What do I do if the batch sync fails ?

Disconnect then reconnect, sync ledgers, ensure the batch is closed, sync batch again and read any errors that pop up at the bottom right


What do I do if an error shows that Ledgers are missing ?

You will need to add the missing ledgers to XERO and sync the ledgers. Ledgers missing


What do I do if an error shows that Lock dates are in place ?


You will need change the lock dates in XERO to allow a payment from before that lockdate. Lock date



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