Statistics are provided for attendance analysis, either by Half-Day or by Code.

Can I view statistics on attendance codes or by half day attendance?

  1. The Statistics tab provides a quick break down of attendance with control over the summation of results. Students can be filtered by full time, part time and leaver status; gender (if yours is a co-ed school). Data can be broken down by combinations of:

    • Ethnicity

    • School year level

    • Horizontal or Vertical group where your School uses them; and

    • a choice between the two - combined or separate (for co-ed schools)

  2. Results include the number of students in that breakdown group and the % attendance.   Attendance Statistics

  3. The 'Reset Search Criteria' returns to default filtering with all students except leavers selected.

  4. When filtering by code is required, click in the 'School Codes to Include:' field for a drop-down of attendance codes and beneath the field 'Add another ...' can be used to include more codes.

  5. A report can be generated and displayed on the screen, this can be printed.  




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