MoE Attendance Submission

This allows you to automatically send, or manually generate a MoE file of Attendance for a week and submit it to the MoE online.

MoE Attendance weekly upload

This list is automatically sent to the MOE on Saturday Morning by default.

If the school wishes to manually process every week. They need to go to Attendance>Attendance Lists>MoE Attendance Submission and untick the "Automate weekly submission" box. They then need to send the files manually. This also sets the preference for the Termly submission.


​Under Attendance/Attendance Records/Attendance Lists you can pick a date range (which will default to the most recent full week) and Check a file or Submit a file to the MOE.

You do not have to Check File as 'Submit File' will generate and send directly for the selected dates. However we do recommend checking your data (and the dates) in some way before you send it. You can do this by using the Seach by Code analysis and it would be worth checking for any unmarked rolls too.



The 'Check File' function is purely optional and does need to be downloaded.

If you do download and open the check file this is what you will see...

5/05/2020 F210F180

The file format shows the date and attendance code followed by the time of that Period, in this example it shows the student on the 5/5 was marked F (for Off Site Course)  for a morning session of 210 minutes and F for an afternoon session of 180 minutes.


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