Attendance Audit List

Audit Student Attendance page

Where do I see statistics for Student Attendance?


  1. On this page you can use searching of attendance fields for analysis.

  2. Compulsory Start and End Dates are required to be completed.  Click in the fields to use the date picker for selecting each.

  3. Complete Class and Student fields, typing into the field or clicking on the chevron on the right of each field to select from the drop-down lists.

  4. Click in the Attendance Codes field (and scroll if necessary) to select appropriate code from the drop-down.  

  5. To search on more than one code click ‘Add another …’ Click ‘Change order’ to alter search priority, when finished click ‘Done’.

  6. Number of Entries field determines those displayed from the ‘Order by’ field drop-down select from Student, Date & Period or Entry time.

  7. For the list click ‘Search’.  This list can be printed as a PDF by selecting 'Print'

Columns display:

Attendance Date, Entry Date, ID, Name, Period, Code, Previous Code and User.



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