Data Integration

The Data Integration page can be found under Admin/Setup Setting up the N4L SMS extender requires Enrolment Officer rights.

Setting up the N4L SMS Extender in Edge.

  1. Log into Edge and navigate to Admin/Setup/Data Integration.
  2. Tick "Enable SMS Extender' checkbox
  3. Enter your Username and password
  4. The connection can then be tested by pressing "Test Connection" button
  5. Save

Data Sync

Please Note: The first time you perform this task you will need to do a ‘Full Sync’. Anytime you make changes to data in
edge which is used by Tahi, you will need to perform a ‘Full’ or ‘Partial Sync’ to ensure these changes are reflected.
Tahi enabled Applications may not function to their full capability if data is not up to date.
  1. Log in to edge and navigate to Admin/Import Export/N4L SMS Extender.
Option 1. Full Sync
  • Select Synchronisation Type ‘Full’
  • Press ‘Synchronise Data’ button
  • A confirmation dialog is displayed, press ‘Yes’ to send data
Option 2. Partial Sync
  • Select Synchronisation Type 'Partial'
  • Select ‘Group/Staff/Student’ from multi select drop down list

  1. Press "Synchronise Data" button
  2. A confirmation dialogue box is displayed, press 'Yes' to send data.

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