Caregiver View

The Caregiver View provides the edge portal conditional on your School(s) setting up access to this.

For caregivers, providing the school staff member with edge Account Maintenance user responsibility has enabled permissions for  https://parent.edgelearning.co.nz/loginpage_caregiver.aspx  access (requiring email addresses on record), logging in to the portal enables easy and quick access to the information for the students in your household. 

Using the Caregiver Portal to view information and pay school bills online

The Caregiver Portal allows you to view school information about your child(ren) and also pay school bills online if your school supports this. 

The student data displayed depends on settings made by the school to enable access to the Caregiver Portal for the year group(s) associated with your child(ren).

Select one of your children from the top to view. Their own student summary data is displayed with tabs (dependent whether junior or senior school) for: Attendance,  NCEA Progress Payment, NCEA Credit Summary, View Timetable, Attendance Summary, Student Report, School Payments.

The ‘School Payments’ page shows a list of owing items for which the student has been billed. If your school is set up for the online payment of school bills, you will be able to do this on the ‘School Payments’ page. Where the student record holds a caregiver with Bill Payer status (and the school has set up with online payments) the School Payments displays financial transactions attending the same school as the student who was selected. Balance due reflects the amount for all students at this school.

Attendance and achievement records are available in this view.



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