Edit or Delete a Course

The Course Summary page provides for links to enter or edit the course details. Clicking the "Edit/Delete this course" link from the Course summary page enables changes to be made from the Edit Courses page, including deleting the course.

Editing a course

In Timetable > Configuration > Courses > Course Summary > click on chevron next to subject > click on chevron next to course > Edit/Delete this course

The reporting name needs to be meaningful for the caregivers who will receive the report on the subject. Course pre-requisites are a note for administrators to check that students meet the requirements for this course, however these are not enforced by edge. 'Course Active' needs to be ticked if the course is current and is to be used in timetabling straight away.

A list of students is displayed for students currently in classes, and provisional students. 

The 'Endorsable' check box will not display unless standards have first been attached to the course.

MoE Fields

The MoE fields Subject, instructional year level and hours per year impact on roll returns. Instructional year level is mandatory.

Duration and Schedule

Course duration (academic year, semester or term) and start date are set when the course is created and cannot be edited. Date to remove course is mandatory.

Information required for Timetable setup

Preferred class size and location constraints are used in the timetabling process. To select multiple allowable locations, choose a location from the list then click 'Add Another'.


Deleting a course

Below the title section on the course Editing page is a "Remove this course" link.  A course can be deleted providing the course is still active (ie. the "Date to Remove Course" date is before today, and there are no subject classes and students attached to the course).



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