Primary students’ knowledge stages for maths assessment can be measured from a Number Framework interview and written test generally in years 3-10 for students at the Advanced Counting stage, Numeracy Stage 4, or higher.
A maximum of 4 IKAN ('Knowledge Assessment for Numeracy') Class assessment results can be recorded, typically carried out twice a year.

Setting up

Where your school Assessment Co-ordinator (or person with this user responsibility) has configured ‘IKAN’ as an option selecting appropriate years for your school via My Class Assessment ('Configure Assessments' button) on the 'Mathematics' tab, the entry page is available. Note that only the student's last 2 tests will display in the analysis for the class, but where there are more than two results entered, these will all display in the individual student's stage summary.

Recording results for IKAN Maths Assessments

From your Class assessments, results can be entered for individual students within each teacher’s class (according to appropriate year group) following the specified data fields.  
The results of the present academic year applicable to the specific test type will be displayed together with the date they were entered. 
Initial fields are:
Bank One  AC – EA Transition Advanced Counting – Emergent Additive
Bank Two  EA – AA Transition> Emergent Additive – Advanced Additive
Bank Three  AA - AM Transition Advanced Additive – Advanced Multiplicative
Bank Four  AM – AP Transition Advanced Multiplicative - Advanced Proportional
Bank Five  AP + Progression Advanced Proportional +
On the Mathematics assessment page, the latest sub test is displayed (instead of "Incomplete") showing the test bank taken. 

Analysis of IKAN results

Analysis of the IKAN assessment results is available for students in each teacher’s own classes within the Mathematics tab. From the Class Assessments page, where teachers in year levels 3-10 have entered scores, the derived curriculum level can be recorded highlighting key learning areas. These are used in conjunction with the teachers’ project book for the number knowledge stages providing ‘what next’ strategies.

Note that IKAN analysis will only display each student's last two tests for Class Analysis, eg. results may have been recorded for 4 IKAN tests for a student, only the latest 2 will be taken into the Class Analysis.



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