Unexplained Absences

Unexplained absences are attendance records, which can be displayed on the Dashboard widget for 'today' for users with Attendance Officer responsibility.

How do I see unexplained absentees for yesterday, today or another day?

  1. Today, 'Previous Day', and Search Date tabs are available.

  2. The date for the previous day (which may be before a weekend, so not necessarily 'yesterday') or today will display together with data found.   

  3. If you require another date use the 'Search Date' tab where the 'Select a Date' field defaults to today, or select the required date on the date picker. There are links 'Day Before' and 'Next Day' for convenience.

  4. Periods are listed for that day showing students absent together with class name/s and caregiver details. Caregivers are listed in the order of: (1) Living With, (2) Legal Guardians and (3) Emergency Contacts; in alphabetical order by surname within each category (if there is more than one). Students who are part of the ENS group will display a cell phone symbol which is grey.

  5. To use the Early Notification functionality for these students, click the Early Notification tab.

  6. Batches are shown on the Active ENS Batches for today.

  7. Select students to include for a text message to be sent regarding the unexplained absence. The automated message includes detail of the absence, requiring of caregivers a 'Y' or 'N' response.

  8. Click to submit the batch.  Ensure that you refresh the 'Update Batch Status' button for regular updates.   

  9. The Notes button displays detail regarding the absence and response.

  10. The cell phone graphic colour indicates the status - the colour changes to indicate the text has been sent: orange = response sent, and green = response received. Batch details then display on the page.

  11. With the information given, attendance can then be marked. It is necessary to refresh the page to see the Unexplained Absence then removed.



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