Attendance Data Issues

When a student's enrolment or timetable changes they then may end up with attendance data that is no longer relevant. These records can be viewed and removed if required in the Attendance > Attendance Records > Data Issues page.

If a student has attendance data that falls outside of either their enrolment dates and/or timetable, then you may see either:

  • an error generated when saving the roll (advising of concurrent enrolments), or
  • an incorrect attendance summary

To correct the attendance data an edge Attendance Officer is able to view any entries listed on the Attendance > Attendance Records > Data Issues page, and depending on the cause of the problem, take appropriate action.  


To view the attendance data outside of the student's enrolment/timetable:

  1. Select the student who has (or is suspected to have) incorrect attendance data
  2. Click the chevron next to the student to expand the display for specific dates impacted   

If the attendance data is correct:

  1. Confirm that the term dates, event days, teacher only days and holidays are correct in Admin > Setup - Define School Calendar
  2. Confirm that the student's enrolment start and/or end date is correct in People > Student Details - Edit Student
  3. Confirm that the student's class membership start and/or end dates are correct, either in People > Student Details - Group Memberships or for subject classes through People > Memberships - Define Class
  4. Confirm that the student's timetable is correct in Timetable > Information - View Timetables

If the error is still present after correcting the above, then please email support@edgelearning.co.nz with the student's details for further assistance.

If the attendance data is not correct:

  1. Attendance data entered by your school: you can delete the attendance data by selecting delete
  2. Attendance data entered by another school: you will need to contact that school and ask them to remove and/or correct the data


Looking for more answers? email support with your question.