Class Summary

The class summary page provides quick reference to class information as well as the editing screen.

Is it possible to view a summary of classes with totals?

Students are grouped by class (or year level) in People > Memberships > Class Summary

Vertical or horizontal classes (as appropriate to school type) also display.

  1. Click the chevron to open up the list of rooms for your school. A list of all classes displays along with the total number of students in each and the name of the teacher assigned.
  2. Click the required class grouping (or year levels) link to open up the full details of the class along with the student names. You will now be able to edit the fields, add students or delete the class.
  3. Classes listed as 'Undefined' are likely to be incomplete, eg. not all compulsory fields completed for:
  • Class Date Range

  • Class Name

  • Year Level, and/or

  • Teacher  

Class Summary


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