MoE Field Bulk Update

Using the Field Bulk Update is the quickest way to fill multiple specified MoE fields.

How can I fill a blank (mandatory) MoE field for multiple students?

To complete many entries correcting blank fields in order to satisfy Ministry Returns, using the Admin > MoE Returns - Bulk Field Update functionality. Select the required field from the dropdown you wish to have populated automatically for any of the following:

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Māori Language Learning Index

  • ORs and Section 9

  • Pacific Language Learning Index

  • Pacific Medium - Language

  • Zoning Status                                                                 

  •       MoE Field Bulk Update Field


Existing field data will not be overwritten, as only the blank fields are affected. Note that there are some instances which would require specific groups of students to be checked, eg. where you have international students for whom some of the fields are not relevant or appropriate. Using this functionality may complete blank fields for these students.

A filter has been added to the Bulk Update MoE fields.  This will enable selected groups such as a subject class, year level and so on to have the required value added to them.


  •  MoE Field Bulk Update Filter

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