Individual Student

Student arrivals and leavers are processed in People > Students - Process Leaver

​How do I move a student to a Leaver?

  1. In the 'Search' field select the required student whose name, NSN and enrolment status displays.

  2. Complete the 'Leaving Details' box where all five fields are compulsory. Select from the drop down for NQF Qual and Non-NQF Qual fields.

  3. The Last Date of Attendance will drop down the date picker - select date from this using the arrows, or click in the heading on the month/year to drop down other month, year choices and click OK. Note that when processing a leaver, the edge Enrolment Officer responsibility will be prompted to remove any attendance data entered after this date.

  4. Select Reason for Leaving from drop-down.

  5. Click 'Process this Leaver'.  You will receive a warning 'Before making students leavers, you must ensure that all their assessment data has been entered, attendance data is complete, finance data is up-to-date and library books are returned. Are you sure you wish to continue?. 

  6. To correct an error made and/or ensure continuity of a student’s enrolment status, undo the process of making an individual student a leaver using the Undo button on the People > Students > Process Leaver page. This is only available up to and including the last day of Attendance entered for the student. A reason for the change is required for audit purposes.

  7. Where a change is required to reverse processing a leaver, if the date specified for the last day of attendance has passed, the student must be re-enrolled at your school using the Enrol student functionality. 

 Process Leaver



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