MoE National Administration Guidelines

Further information in detail is provided by links to Ministry of Education website pages for NAGs 2014/2015.


For complete details on the National Administration Guidelines Board of Trustee reporting requirements (for schools with students in years 1-8), please refer to: Reporting Student Achievement: Guidance for reporting on National Standards on the MoE website.

NAG2A has been amended in the following way:

  • Two additional ethnic cohorts have been included in the NAG2A(c) reporting requirements. These are European/Pākehā and Asian
  • The requirement to report on how students are progressing and achieving in relation to Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori and/or National Standards has been moved from NAG2A(c)(ii) to NAG2A(b)(iv)
  • The NAG2A(b) template is now prescribed by the Secretary for Education
  • The requirement to include the NAG2A reporting information in the board’s annual report by 31 May is removed


Click here for details on each specific National Administration Guideline available on the MoE website.

The reporting National Standards templates for Word (NAG2A(b), and the data template for Excel (NAG2A(c) are incorporated into edge, and are also available on the MoE website. 

Submitting your planning and reporting documents

For sending your planning and reporting documents to the Ministry electronically via the portal as they are no longer to be emailed, please see instructions on using the School Data Portal on the MoE website.

Using your SMS for achievement results

Schools using edge to store the results of assessments, including teachers’ OTJs can use edge to generate the NAG2A spreadsheet. The automatically generated spreadsheets provide additional analysis to that required by NAG2A. This reflects the requests from schools wanting more extensive analysis of their data. The file will be generated as a csv file for export through the school data portal to the Ministry.

Key changes to your edge- generated NAG2A spreadsheet

  1. Six ethnicities to be reported     • Māori • Pasifika • Asian • MELAA • Other • NZ/European     
  2. Analysis by gender and ethnicity will be done at all individual year levels as well as 1–8 (or 1–6) combined (This is more detailed than the NAGs require)
  3. There will be 3 worksheets (reading, writing and maths) for all student year levels combined
  4. There will be 3 worksheets for each individual year level
  5. Full primary schools will therefore have 27 worksheets making up the spreadsheet



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