Create House and add students

From the People > Memberships > Define House page, links provide for students to be added, moved, or individuals deleted from a house. This functionality is available to Enrolment Officer, Group Leader, Teacher, or Timetabler user responsibilities in edge. A user with Account Maintenance User Reponisibilities will need to set this up first.

 A user with Account Maintenance User Responsibility in edge can set up and configure Houses in your school.  Once the 'Use House' checkbox is ticked in Admin > Setup - School Settings > Houses, this enables "Define House" (or Define [your chosen substitute for "House"]) for the responsibilities listed above from the People > Memberships > Define House menu, and new Houses can be added from the Create New House page. 

 School Settings House


Note: Houses are not related to class definition - where students are already in houses related to classes prior to the extension of house functionality, the students are migrated directly into the house for the school. The House Title saved in School Settings populates throughout edge (eg. if "Syndicate" is saved in this field, on the People > Memberships . Define House menu you'll see "Define Syndicate") 

Or I want to add students to a house

Or I want to remove students from a house


Process for adding a new House

Create House

  1. To create a new house you'll have the Enrolment Officer, Group Leader, Timetabler or Teacher User responsibility assigned in edge.
  2. From People > Memberships > Define House > Create New House, for the current or next year. The Name field accepts alpha, numeric and special characters, with a limit of 50 characters. Complete the house start date field (see more below), no end date is required as this is automatically ongoing for the duration at your school.
  3. Click 'Save' and now click 'Add student(s) to house' link for adding students, where relevant fields to filter for students display.

Adding students to the House

There are two alternatives for adding students to a house:

Alternative A

  1. To add students to a house from the above page, click the 'Add Student(s) to house' link; or select a house from the People > Memberships > Define House> Create New House page.
  2. Use the student filter to select students using the student search criteria:
    • Pre-Enrolment - tick to include pre-enrolled students
    • Specific student individually - the list contains current students, and excludes leavers and pre-enrols if ticked;
    • Year level - all year levels applicable to your school; or all year levels of applicable students;
    • Class - select the class year first (how this list is generated), and the dropdown box then contains all of the classes in that year level;
    • Course - select the course's year first, and the dropdown box then contains all current courses in that year
    • Select those required and click 'Add to Selection'.

    Define House - Edit


  1. Confirm the Start date of student membership in the house, which applies to all the students currently selected.

    This date has an impact on filtering, eg. where you can choose 'House' in Filterable Lists.

  2. Click 'Save students' to attach to your house
Alternative B
  1. Students can be added via People > Students > Student Details (select student) > Group Membership tab
  2. Select 'House' from the dropdown
  3. Enter in a start date (note the end date will be automatically ongoing)
  4. Save                                                                                                                                                                                                                             House Group Membership


Viewing student house membership

From the Student Details > Group Membership tab, student house membership is also displayed. For the House on previous years, select 'Prev' to go back a year, or 'Next' for years in the future.

Removing students from a House

The 'Edit' link provided alongside the student name and date details on the "Define House" membership page takes you to the Student Details > Group Membership page. Students can only be removed from their house from that page. From the House section click  X  to permanently remove the student, or for different timing, end date the membership,
The chosen date has an impact on filtering, eg. removing the student from the 'House' field selection where you can choose 'House' in Filterable Lists.

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