Troubleshooting - Timetabling

Some common issues encountered, or steps to watch out for, in preparing timetables are detailed below, together with what to do about them where there is a work around. Please check here for known issues and frequently asked questions.

Step 1 - Basics:

When creating a new copy of a timetable, it can sometimes be created with the same name rather than having 'copy of' added to the front. If this occurs then rename the new timetable for identification.


Step 2 - Edit Student/Teacher/Courses:

When you select entries (classes) by type, the selection mask is offset to the left by one. Instead classes can be selected individually and then changed.


Step 8 - Modify Timetable:

1. In order to save the changes made to modify timetable (step 8), the timetable version must be activated once the changes have been made. If the timetable is not activated any changes made will be lost.

2. When modifying the timetable by "student", the student's name disappears out of the student selection dropdown box, resulting in inability to identify which student you are working on.

3. If you need to make a change to an earlier step in the timetable (steps 2-8) eg. adjusting the period start and end times, then all modifications in step 8 are lost.

4. When clicking "make changes" to an active timetable the version is incremented, however the modifications made in step 8 are sometimes not brought across.


Timetable View/Print:

1. The teacher's timetable is designed to have a maximum of two classes in one period to ensure that the timetable fits onto a specified area, however in some cases a teacher may take more classes at once. When this occurs, the period slot doesn't increase but the additional classes are written over the top.

2. When a student is moved between classes, the changes are not reflected in their timetable straight away, instead updating overnight.

3. When a student is moved from one class to another (timetabled schools only) the student still appears in the previous class in the Cyclic timetable view. 


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