November 2023

November 2023 Release notes

New Features

  • Progressions and  Markbook Results sheets
  • Attendance Graphs and tables in Assay
  • Mail Merge in emails under Comms
  • Automated Emails section added to School Settings page
Automated emails
  • Save RAMS forms to Docx (Word) document
  • Allow editing of billable item name per student when assigning to them
  • Added additional export options to Admin>Import/Export>Miscellaneous Exports
  • Added Wonde to School Settings>External Providers
  • AI Lesson Plan Generator
  • Email schedule - so emails can be sent at a set date and time
  • Extra Merge Fields into Emails including Next years Class and Teacher
  • Ability to add a School Google calendar to the Dashboards/ Homescreens
  • Newsfeed so that you can let caregivers and Teachers know of student progress including videos and images

Bug fixes

Multiple fixes including

  • App, Caregiver and Student Portal refinement and optimisation for mobile
  • NCEA updates and fixes
  • NZSSSSC (New Zealand Secondary School Sports Census) update for 2023