16 February 2018


  • Markbook Configuration: Fixed the checkbox that was not working on Microsoft Edge browser.
  • MOE Roll Returns functionality all good to go for 2018.


  • Changed 'New Filterable List' title to 'Advanced Filterable List'.


  • Changing a User’s email address:
    • Notification emails and data change requests are now not sent when a user’s email is changed.
    • If another user exists that already has the same email address as their username, edge will automatically change their username to their user serial number.
  • Changed term ‘Autism’ to ‘ASD’.
  • The Student Attendance Summary page has been made clearer by changing ‘Term present/possible’ to ‘Total in-class for term’ and ‘Total present/possible’ to ‘Total in-class overall’.
    • This resolves a confusion around Y & D codes showing as absent on a student but the Audit term register showing as present (which is correct).
  • Terminology around Student Address has changed from 'Lives With' to 'Student Address'.



  • Fixed staff duplicating issue that occurred when changing start date while registering new staff.


  • Fixed the issue with Pastoral Student Notes not being able to be edited in certain circumstances.


  • Added unsaved check to Unexplained Absences page that wasn’t working when changing select boxes.