Create New Class

People contains Memberships > Define Class setup, combining a location with a teacher and a group of students.

​Process for adding a new Class


  1. To create a new class you'll have the Timetabler user responsibility assigned in edge.

  2. From People > Memberships > Define Class > Create New Class, for the current or next year, it is compulsory to complete the Name and Type fields. Good practice for primary school class name is to use a room number eg. Room 01 or Rm 01. 

  3. This is also where secondary school form classes are defined. It's important to note that there is a character limit of 13 characters for new or saving edited class names

  4. For secondary schools, navigate to the Timetable > Configuration> Courses > Course Summary page, select your course name, and using the 'Create Subject Class' link, classes can be set up by completing the date range field too, note the Type field has defaulted to Subject Class and this can be changed if required. For the class name, good practice includes the year level, eg. 9ENG, L1ENGA;

  5. Choose a Location - generally matching the name

  6. Choose ‘Current Teacher’(s) from the drop-down

  7. Click 'Save' and fields to add students will then display, providing a 'Add student(s) to class' link

  8. Use the provided filter to choose students individually; or list by year level, then select those required for the class and save.

  9. Add or move individual students between classes (or House), from the student's People > Students > Student Details (select student) > Group Membership page

  10. Note this page is also available (when appropriate), by expanding the course information to display classes (and Add Student link) from the Course Summary page. Class details can also be accessed from People > Memberships > Define Class > (choose Class from the dropdown) and Edit Class details.

  11. For printing your class list, from People > Memberships > Class Lists, ensure your desired year selection is correct; also filter for Pre-Enrols or Leavers if appropriate. Click Print and the PDF report will generate, then click 'Open'.

  12. For printing other lists, see People > Students > Enrolment Summary/ Student Lists/ Filterable Lists and choose the group(s) of students you require from the dropdowns

  13. Tick the details for the students to be displayed, including the option to include some blank columns for recording notes manually. For more, see our Filterable Lists article.


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