GloSS ('Global Strategy Stage') maths assessment for primary students identifies the global stage reached across number strategies. These are linked to curriculum levels for students in years 0-10 facilitating tracking students’ progress.

Can I enter results for the GloSS assessment versions available?

There are 2 GloSS assessments available:

  1. GloSS - this is based on the original forms and allows results to be recorded for the 3 strategy domains and an overall "Global Stage for Expectations".

  2. GloSS (2nd Ed) - revised (as at June 2013) assessment which allows results to be recorded for the 3 strategy domains only. There is not a "Global Stage for Expectations". In addition, the values for the different stages in the drop down list have been updated to include an early stage 5, 6 and 7.

Setting up

The GloSS Mathematics assessments are available for students where your school Assessment Co-ordinator (or person with this user responsibility) has the rights to configure ‘GloSS’ as an option selecting appropriate years for your school, via My Class Assessment ('Configure Assessments' button) on the 'Mathematics' tab. 

Recording results for GloSS Maths Assessments

From your Class Assessments the data entry page allows you to enter assessment results for individual students within each teacher’s class (according to appropriate year group). Follow the specified data fields, with the date sat defaulting to today’s date.   GloSS assessments can be recorded twice a year.
The results of the current year applicable to the specific test type will be displayed together with the date they were entered. 
The GloSS assessment form used must be specified and the Stage for each of the strategy domains.

Analysis of GloSS results

Analysis of the assessment results is available for students in each teacher’s assigned classes only, where GloSS assessments within the Mathematics tab have been set up by the person with your school's Assessment Co-ordinator user responsibility.  From your Class assessments (Achievement) page, teachers whose students are within these year levels may nominate the test, task, and enter results.
Analysis Tool for primary assessments
With appropriate permissions, the Analysis tool provides graphs and tables for a set of results. Depending on your user responsibility, you have permissions to view an individual student or group of students by selecting the applicable tab. Further filtering options, eg. ethnicity and gender may be available to produce the required set of students.
Further options provide for specifying the area you want to analyse, eg. Assessments, and the graphic tool. Once processed you can:
  • Export the file to Excel
  • Print to a PDF file
  • Display (View) the graph on your screen
Teacher view presents ‘Students’ tab to display Student Selection page, identifying student, assessment type, and Tool.  A summary table of current year stages and assessment details displays. Note ‘School’ and ‘Class’ selections are not displayed on Student page.
For more GloSS details, see the nzmaths.co.nz website.



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