School Entry Assessment

Where this assessment has already been configured (from the English tab), School Entry Assessment (SEA) results can be recorded for students in years 1 and 2. This provides information about some of the knowledge and skills children have when they first begin school.

Recording and analysing SEA results

In edge, the cross curricular set of assessments for each student can have one record for each student. Enter the results for each part of the assessment including Concepts about Print, Checkout - knowledge of basic numeracy, Tell Me - aspects of oral language components.

The data entry page defaults to today's date for Tell Me, Checkout and CAP Record date. Enter marks (between 0-20) and save. The results can be edited if required by selecting the ‘Edit mark’ link.

Assessment Analysis 

Test results are available for analysis for Students, Class, Year level views. The Full Results (filterable by class, ethnicity and gender), are displayed for each student in the group selected. 

These can be viewed, exported or printed.



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