NAG2A OTJ Reporting Background

From 2013, the NAG2A page replaced the former National Standards Spreadsheet see Achievement > Assessment > NAG2A in edge for reporting of results.

Click here for MoE reporting National Standards guidelines on the NAG2A current requirements, or more in our knowledge base for NAG2A in edge.




NAG 2A requires that schools, with Learners in years 1-8, enrolled on 1 November, report National Standards data broken down by year level and by gender, and reporting on Māori and Pasifika separately. 

There are rules stipulating which students should be included and excluded in the Report as follows:

Students who left

  • before 1 November of the reporting year are excluded
  • after 1 November are included.

Students who first started at any school

  • on or after 1 March of the reporting year (ie. in their first year of schooling) are excluded from the data.

This data is to be submitted to the MoE in the prescribed format by 1 March the following year, at the same time as the annual charter update.  Data is submitted in full, with no exclusions for privacy reasons. The report includes OTJ’s where the due date falls between 1 March and 28 February.

The same data is to be reported in the school's Annual Report.  As a public document, schools must take privacy considerations into account in the Annual Report. Data can removed once exported to the MoE’s Excel template.



MoE Year level rules and dates

  • Only two types of Overall Teacher Judgements will be aggregated for reporting to the Ministry:
    • After 1, 2 or 3 years; and
    • End of year 4 to 8 
  • Interim OTJs or progress towards OTJs are for internal school use and parent reporting only
  • Students first starting school up to the end of February are included in after 1 year reporting the same year
  • The data excludes students in their first year of school who started on or after 1 March
  • Students who originally started school between 1 March and up to 1 July will, in their fourth year, most likely have both an after 3 years and end-of-year 4 OTJ. edge will report them as end of year 4
  • edge also applies various rules to cater for students who may have been promoted or held back 



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