Filterable Student Lists

From the Filterable Lists tab, a range of criteria is available to select the desired filterable student list.

How can I filter students for a mixture of fields?

  1. Data accessed from this filter will only comprise students in your own class(es)

  2. Select the target group (from currently enrolled students)

  3. The House field displays only if checked in the School setup; Gender displays for co-educational schools only. Zone field displays In/Out of zone. For Caregiver Email, the first caregiver selected as Legal guardian (with name and relationship to student) displays

  4. Check the boxes to filter for student data required together with nominating below, the desired maximum number of students for your report                                                                       Teacher Filterable List

  5. Below the 'Data to Display' box selection is an 'Age at Date' field with calendar (specifying the date to calculate the age at). The default date is the beginning of the current year. This is useful for establishing the age of students at a specific date, eg. sports representation eligibility

  6. For an on-screen display click 'Display' and scroll down for the desired Search results to be listed

  7. A CSV file is prepared for Export, and Print to PDF options are provided


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