e-asTTle, NZCER and PaCT

e-asTTle, NZCER and PaCT provide valuable assessment tools, developed to assess and report student achievement and progress. This information can be imported into edge for further analysis and comparison against other assessment tools. Functionality on this page can be accessed with edge Assessment Co-ordinator user reponsibility.

Select your option for more on exporting data to, or importing results from, either e-asTTle or NZCER assessments into edge.


Manage e-asTTle

Exporting student data from edge for import into e-asTTle

Importing assessment data from e-asTTle into edge

Manage NZCER

Exporting student data from edge for import into NZCER

Importing assessment data from NZCER into edge

Manage PaCT

edge is integrated with PaCT once you have chosen to opt in via Curriculum > Assessment > e-asTTle, NZCER and PaCT > Manage PaCT

To sync edge with the PaCT website

for your student teacher judgments in PaCT, navigate to Achievement (New) to the National Standards data entry page, for selecting your student judgment. Your school decides whether to set up automatic, or manual syncing with the PaCT website. 



More information on e-asTTle, NZCER and PaCT is available from these websites:

e-asTTle website:  http://e-asttle.tki.org.nz

NZCER website:  http://www.nzcer.org.nz

PaCT information (incl video):   pactinfo.education.govt.nz/    http://www.tki.org.nz

PaCT website logon:  https://pact.education.govt.nz



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