Student Class Allocations

Student allocations is part of work in progress towards simplifying the timetable. The purpose of this page is to display potentially how the timetable would look for automated student allocation to classes, with clashes (of students only).

If the grid does not display (eg. first time using Step 6 in this timetable), click "Allocate".

  1. You can export or print the selected year level allocations, note the choices to filter for "Show clashes only" or "Show under-allocated only".

  2. Click beside the student name to expand the chevron which will display all the courses the student has been approved to take within each option line. Any clashes the student may potentially have in that option line are highlighted as per the key. To remove a particular course from this student, click in the cell and the colour will change.

  3. Click "Save changes" to apply this change. Click the chevron again to close the detail, and the change will be reflected in the table as a blank. If you wish to see which course had been changed, this is still visible in the expanded detail for the student, and now displays in a different colour.



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