August 2023

August 2023 Release notes

New Features

  •  - Mobile app notifications. These are sent from the queue in bulk after 4pm each day, they are not instant notifications.
    - Notifications to students and caregivers of positive pastoral transactions - configured in pastoral section on school settings page.Positive Pastoral
    - Notifications to caregivers when billable items are added to students - configured in finance settings              Billable notification
    - Notifications to students and caregivers when ATL is published - configured on ATL config page  ATL notifications
    - Notifications of NCEA results - enabled on live reporting page                   NCEA Notifications
  • Added Hail To to school settings page
  • Allow reprinting of invoices from Transaction Summary page

Bug fixes

Multiple fixes including

  • OLE Form, Fix issue with Red * on the Country Or Jurisdiction Of Citizenship
  • Homescreen Attendance fixes
  • Current schools take precedence over pre-enrolled schools in caregiver view