Register new staff

The People > Staff area includes details for staff including registration details, and start dates which enables classes to be assigned to them

Where do I add a staff member?

 From People > Staff > Register Staff Member, any new staff must first be registered into the database for entitlement to a username, thereby having a connection to your school.

  1. The first step in registering a new staff member is to check and see if the staff member already exists in the edge system. Enter the Surname, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender and email address fields for the new staff member and click on the Search button. Date of birth is compulsory, so type in the appropriate date which will be re-formatted; and if you don't have a date, use 1/1/1980.  Alternatively for the date picker, click on the title bar where the month and year are displayed. Click the required month and year using the back and forward arrows until the date is displayed. Click on the day of this calendar. The date will then be inserted into the date field.

  2. Click 'Search' to check the database for this person. Any possible matches will be displayed, click on the 'use the following record' link for the appropriate match.  If the Staff member is also a caregiver then they have the choice to use the same email as a caregiver and as a staff member or to use two separate emails. Using the same email allows a single login to the App to get both data, using two separate allows the emails to go separately but means using two different devices for the app or having to log in and out all the time. Search for the existing email if you want to link the two together then change the email later if neccessary.          Register Staff member

  3. After a check if the new person is already known, and presuming a match was not found, a Register Staff Member page displays with the name and DOB fields automatically filled. 

  4. Click in the Title field and select from the drop-down to complete the General Info box.

  5. Correct email address is compulsory and essential to receive a login, type in phone numbers. When entering an email address for a caregiver, student or staff member, if the email exists already in the edge system (therefore is a "duplicate"), you may receive a duplicate email address warning. This is important because email addresses are used as logins and therefore need to be unique to the individual. Read more

  6. Begin typing in the street address.   Click 'Same as above' where there is no change for postal address.

  7. Registration Details come from Teacher Registration documentation. There is a drop-down from which to select Category Type of registration.

  8. Teacher Code is a unique code assigned by the system to each staff member. In some situations the system will be unable to automatically generate a teacher code for the staff member. In these situations, please enter up to 3 letters for the teacher code which will keep it consistent with other codes generated.

  9. Service Period Info contains compulsory field of 'Start Date'.

    The start date determines when the staff member can start using their logins, the earliest date that classes can be assigned to them, etc. End date determines the final date that a staff member can use their account.

  10. Add any Emergency contact, Immunisation and FIrst Aid certificate information (not compulsory).

  11. Click 'Save Details'


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Once you have done this, you can then do the following:

Assigning User Rights.


Add to a Classroom (if applicable).


And finally, Logging in.



See knowledge base article to edit or remove staff.



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