Term 1 2024

Term 1 2024 Release notes


New Features

  • News Feed now live for all schools with progressions enabled

  • Added ability to create News Feed posts from Student Portal (Student Voice). This must be enabled in school settings and the posts must be Verified by staff.

  • EzyPay integration. When activated schools can enable in Finance Settings and will appear in the parent portal

  • Email Signature checkbox when saving a template in the Comms Module. Comms Officers and Principal Nominees also have the option to create a signature for all users. The signature they create will overwrite individual users signature

  • New Homescreen for Admin Users

  •  Show caregiver notes on summary section without having to edit caregiver on Caregivers tab of Student Details

  •  Rotate Student Photos. In the new dashboard if you click on a student's photo to bring up the student details there is now an "Edit Photo" button under the photo to allow rotating in 90 degree increment

  •  Add Photos button in the App for staff

  •  Added updated NZQA Export Schema and Edit standards screen

  •  "Update NCEA standards to latest version" script added

  •  Added function to remove NCEA standards from students in bulk if they have already achieved them

  •   "Student Timetable Export" added to Timetable > Bulk Operations to export timetable for 1 week for all students (one row per student, one column per period or period/teacher/location)

  •  New auto group "Students starting our school age 5 (auto)"

  •  "Teacher (auto)"" and "Relief Teacher (auto)" groups for emailing. Note that All staff can be emailed by selecting staff and clicking the >> button in the Comms module

  •  Allow editing of Custom Category Value Type config even once in use.

  •  Roll Returns 2024 changes

  •  Add tick box to send statements screen for preenrols and default exclusion list to include "Statements with no transactions and a nil balance.

  •  Allow searching for students with accent insentive search, meaning that you can type in a name without macrons and it will find macronised versions of that name

  •  Further support for macrons in billable items, caregivers names, rooms, etc


Bug fixes

Multiple fixes including

  • NZQA fixes associated with changed requirements

  • PaCT authentication fix to meet new PaCT requirements