Running Records

Running Records capture the thinking during an oral reading conference - attitude, accuracy and understanding enabling the analysis of behaviours, responses, competences, initiatives taken - to determine teaching strategies progressing what children know and understand. Marie Clay's tool evidences what the reader can do, is ready to learn, and has learned over time.

Recording and analysing Running Record results

Where this assessment has already been configured, running records results can be recorded for students in years 0-8.

Running Record results can be entered for students by selecting the 'Add mark' link. Once the results have been saved, they are displayed on a graph for that student. Entered results can be edited by selecting the ‘Edit mark’ link.

In the Achievement teacher view, an Overall Tracking page is now available for Running Records. Default displays all data for assessments for a selected year in Overall Tracking. This functionality looks at student assessment results across all the NZ curriculum grouped by their current class.

Assessment Analysis 

Test results are available for analysis for ‘Students’ and ‘Class’ views, and these can be viewed, exported or printed.

Student view

A graph is displayed for the selected student which shows every running record result as black dots. Hover your cursor over the black dot to display the Self-Correction Ratio and the Accuracy Rate. The black dotted lines indicate the National Norms for Running Records.

Class view

You can either select graphs for each individual student or an ‘Aggregate Graph’, which displays the results entered for the students in the class on one graph. Hover your cursor over the black dot to display details of the student to which the result belongs.

The table underneath the graph shows the number of weeks at school for each result recorded. 



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