Attendance Records show statistics by Class. This page includes reporting for those not marked present today, and student attendance displayed by period showing present and possible figures.

​Emergency Absences Report


Formerly the 'Daily Absences Report', the aim of this report is to identify those students who are not on school grounds today. That is, an alphabetical list of students grouped by room (primary), or class (secondary) with attendance notes for the day who are not marked present; available for emergencies including earthquakes, etc.

  1. There are two options for the export file available to choose from:

    • Report by School
    • Report by Class
  2. Click ''Generate" to create the Emergency Absences Report listing all students who are not present (ie. absent as don't have 'P' as their last attendance code for the day). This doesn't include periods marked for future classes.

       Emergency Absent List



Period by Period Attendance Summary


  1. Students' attendance is displayed by period showing dates and present/possible figures. There may be more than one page depending on class size. This will show at the heading below the date range. Where a previous report has been generated, date and time are listed.

  2. Complete the start and end date required. Teacher's classes are listed. Select the required class for automatic generation, for all click 'All Classes'.                       

  3. Students who have left, or are pre-enrolled, are excluded from the weekly attendance report.

  4. To print the page/s click the 'All Classes' tab. You may get a message to change the page layout to landscape before generating the report. Once generated click on the ie: 'Download list created at 18/05/2020 11.37am' link.

  5. To view another class use the 'Select a different class' link.

  6. Where you may want to see attendance details for a particular student for last year, in Attendance > Attendance Records > Analysis > Attendance Rates, click the 'By Student' link. 



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