Record of Payment

Record of Payment allows you to print out a record of all payments against a billable item.

On this screen you are able to search for a student from your school with a status of current, pre-enrol or leaver by selecting from the student filters available and searching for the student’s name.

Once you have selected the student, all of their billable items that have had payments against them processed in the current year will appear below.


Record of Payments

The name of the Billable item will be listed along with the amount of the item billed and the total amount that has been paid against the item. The date that appears in the Most Recent Payment column is the date that the last payment was entered into edge against the item.

The items are listed in order according to the most recent payments processed date. This date can be different from the date the payment was received. You can click on any heading to change the sort order.

There is a Print button available to the right of each item which will create a Record of Payment pdf for the item selected. This lists the name of the item, the payment method, date and amount of each payment and any GST content. The total paid and any amounts remaining to be paid against the item are totalled at the bottom of the record.



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