Final Year Students

Student details displays a list of students in their final year at this school as well as the option to filter by year levels. ***Warning*** do not do this in advance. When students are marked as leavers they will be end dated from classes, withdrawn from unmarked standards and you will not be able to enter some data on to these students eg. grades

Where can I see a list of students leaving during this year?

  1. Names, dates of birth and leaving date are displayed automatically for Final Year Students for the current year.

  2. Select students whose details you wish to change, eg. the default leaving date in the date field, click 'Update Selected'.  By default Final Year students are displayed. The option to filter unprocessed students by year levels by selecting from the 'Select Year Level' is available too.                                                           Final Year Leavers

  3. Additional fields refer to Teaching and Learning Notes include academic indicator, attendance, behavioural, custodial, health and personal. For the Enrolment Officer, selection for Secondary schools as commonly used leaving reason, are S and L; and non-secondary schools have S, as supported by the ENROL leavers process.


Click to the Individual Students page for videos and more on the leaving process.



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