The NumPA assessment interview for primary students identifies the number knowledge and operational strategies reached for students in years 0-10 providing a comprehensive record of development in both knowledge and strategy tracking students’ progress. The number modules of JAM replace the diagnostic interview.

Setting up

NumPA ('Numeracy Project Assessment') Mathematics assessments are available for students where your school Assessment Co-ordinator (or person with this user responsibility) has the rights to configure ‘NumPA’ as an option selecting appropriate years for your school, via your Class assessment ('Configure Assessments' button) on the 'Mathematics' tab. 

Recording results for NumPA Maths Assessments

From your Class Assessments the data entry page allows you to enter assessment results for individual students within each teacher’s class (according to appropriate year group) following the specified data fields. Choose the link to add an initial (or final) result, and nominate the NumPA assessment form used from available choices. The appropriate fields then provide drop-downs for ease of entering results, and comments can also be recorded. Once a final result has been entered, the Edit button displays at that time to enable changes to be made to the mark.

The NumPA results of the current academic year will be displayed together with the date they were entered. 

Analysis of NumPA results

Analysis of the assessment results is available for students in each teacher’s assigned classes only, where NumPA assessments within the Mathematics tab have been set up by the person assigned Assessment Co-ordinator user responsibility in edge.  From the Class Assessments page, teachers whose students are within these year levels may nominate the test and enter results.




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