Once set up in the Configuration menu, financial transactions can be entered against the student - with a variety of caregiver payment options available in edge. edge integrates with credit/debit cards (using Paystation), debit cards (using POLi); Financial Manager, and Xero.

Billable items can be assigned to an individual student, class, group, year level, or whole school and request for payment issued. Recording of these batches generates banking totals and refund summaries until closed and processed; and payments are written off.

Configure templates for your school's request for payment; and statements template released in January for preparing your statements


For exciting new online payment options for caregivers for secure transactions:

Secure Credit Card payments

For Paystation (credit or debit card) caregiver payments setup, edge permits using credit/debit cards for secure transactions. Due to the nature of the Paystation functionality, you'll need to talk to your product specialist once you've completed account details with Paystation. Setup requirements can then be completed enabling the functionality, by your product specialist.



Contact POLi for integrating with edge so caregivers can pay online using their debit card.


Financial Manager

Data can be exported from, and imported into Financial Manager. As edge now integrates with Financial Manager, see more in our export to FM article. For settings and more, to make things easier see Finance > Configuration > Finance Settings page.

Don't have MUSAC Financial Manager?  for more information email sales@edgelearning.co.nz



Now integrated with Xero, financial batches created in edge can be automatically sent to Xero, avoiding the need to download files for updating. You can import your ledger numbers from Xero's Chart of Accounts, by setting accounts at the top of the main ledger numbers page. Contact Xero for a network key for inserting into the new configuration field enabling integration with edge. For more information, see our Export to Xero article.



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