July Release Notes

30th July 2018



  • Made Assay iframe size full screen


Define Groups

  • Allow group to be flagged as an ESOL or Special Needs group. All students in the group will get either a blue globe icon if ESOL, or multicoloured hand icon if special needs, next to their name on myclass list and on purple student banner.

Admin View

  • Admin Users can go straight to Markbooks without first needing to go to Achievement page

Teacher View

  • Medical List and Print moved to the left hand side of the MyClass Page

23rd July


  • Processing a leaver now end dates all current class and group memberships for a student and removes all future class and group memberships.
  • New icons show next to the student name on the purple banner and on my class list. A birthday cake if it is the students birthday today, other icons will be available shortly.


  • New feature in Bulk Discounts/Reversals so that when a user selects the billable item to display, it displays the affected students immediately without needing the extra click of the display button.


  • There is now a new note type for Learning Support notes


  • The X (full screen) option button in Achievement/Markbooks is now a button labelled “Full Screen”
  • Markbooks has only one column of setup making more space for data


Teacher Mode

  • A new My Classes widget which shows today’s class by period and then shows other classes is available for teachers

Click on the below picture to view a video outlining the changes made to Teacher Mode.

  • A new feature whereby in Teacher Only mode, once a class has been selected, all other screens in teacher only mode stay with that class in focus until the user changes the class
  • Added Markbooks as a directly accessible link from the Teacher only mode
  • On the My Class page in teacher only mode, the order of data has been rearranged to have medical info and notes immediately after the students name.

  • The order of icons on the Teacher Only site has been changed to have most used to least used going left to right
  • Clicking on the notes in the my class page will now show a list of notes

Admin Users can go straight to Markbooks without first needing to go to Achievement page