Writing assessments for Literacy progress

NZ Curriculum Literacy Learning Progress levels assessments are available in edge. The selected test is nominated on the data entry page for assessment.

How do I enter a test result for literacy progress in a student’s Writing Assessment?

You can use this Writing assessment (configured in English > Reading by your Assessment Coordinator) to select which Writing test the results are for, and to enter a result for each student in the class.

Results for a student’s Writing assessment may be entered up to 3 times per year. Select which test you want to enter results from the Test Period drop down box.

Choose the appropriate Level from the Assessment drop down list for each student, and select Save.

Where results have already been entered for previous tests, these can be viewed by selecting the chevron next to the student’s name. If you wish to edit the previous test results, select the link for the required test. The results will be displayed in the drop down box and can be changed.

Experiment with hovering over these interactive graphs.



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