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Each of your students has to leave some time - luckily in edge we've made the processing of leavers easy when the time comes - from the People > Students menu.

In making your student a leaver, most of the time you will want to use the 'Individual Student' tab, however at the end of the year selecting 'Final Year Student' enables you to process them in bulk.

Note that with edge Enrolment Officer user responsibility, when processing a leaver you'll be prompted to remove any attendance data entered after the leaving date. 

For more on End of Year procedures including entering leaving details ahead of time see Final Year Students article, or entering data for next year, also see End of Year procedures article in the Tips knowledge base section. 



Processing an Individual Student

  1. Select the student from the 'search Student' drop down, and name, enrolment status etc details will display.
  2. Complete the 'Leaving Details' box where all five fields are compulsory. Select from the drop-down for NQF Qual and Non-NQF Qual field.
  3. The "Last Date of Attendance" will drop down the date picker - select date from this using the arrows, or click in the heading on the month/year to drop down other month, year choices and click OK.

    This will prompt the Enrolment Officer to remove any attendance data entered after this date

  4. Select Reason for Leaving from drop-down. Depending on the "Reason for Leaving" selected, the "Post School Activity" will also need to be completed.
  5. Click "Process".
  6. To correct an error made and/or ensure continuity of a student’s enrolment status, undo the process of making an individual student a leaver using the 'Undo' button within People > Students > Process Leaver. This is only available up to and including the last day of Attendance entered for the student. A 'Reason for change' is required for audit purposes.
  7. Where a change is required to reverse the process and the date specified for the last day of attendance has passed, the student must be re-enrolled at your school using the People > Students > Enrol Student functionality. 

For processing End of Year Students in advance use the 'Final Year Students' tab.   

  Process Leavers


Final Year Students

The students listed within this screen are all those in their final year at your school for the current year.  The option to filter unprocessed students by year levels by selecting from the 'Select Year Level' is available too.

  1. Complete the compulsory fields marked with a *.
  2. Teaching and Learning Notes:  When updating to ENROL, ticking the Indicators will let them know that Notes are available on request for those students.
  3. Select the students from the list.
  4. Click 'Update Selected'.


Please note: "Caregivers and students will no longer have access to their respective Portal once a student has been processed as a leaver at your school".


For futher information you can refer to the following link provided by MoE : When Students leave school .

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