Timetable Pre-requisites

Where you've been assigned the Timetabler user responsibility in edge, a timetable checklist is provided identifying the process to create and display the timetable

Initial requirements for creating a timetable

  1. The Summary page lists the recommended process in order, for successful creation of a timetable. The tick boxes are provided as a reminder of the tasks completed so far. It is possible but not desirable for a timetable to be created without having assigned teachers to Location/s.

  2. Some fields are automatically filled from School Setup where the School and Form Class Types and Year Levels are entered.

  3. The Courses Defined link provides you with a summary of courses to check the course details from there.

  4. The 'Locations Defined' link has provision for 'Add a New Location' or 'Add a Teacher to a Location' links.

  5. Have you:

  • provided the data required to create a course?

  • assigned teachers to locations?

  • assigned students to courses?

  • completed the calendar setup correctly and saved your term dates, event days, holidays and teacher only days?

  • defined the day cycle and period times for a new timetable?


To enable monitoring of teacher allocation once the teachers and courses have been entered, a PDF report of teachers' intended teaching load is available from the 'View Teacher-Course List' link. This includes teacher, code, room and courses.

The Create/Edit timetable page enables you to either create a new timetable, or edit an existing one. The timetabling process involves steps beginning with defining your academic year with start and end dates, followed by timetable basic structure and more, together with course and class name character limits. The timetable has a maximum of 12 days and 10 periods per day.


For more, see Timetable process summary, and Creating a Timetable articles.



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