MoE Audit Class Lists

*****THIS IS NO LONGER REQUIRED BY THE MINISTRY***** Audit class lists can be generated from MoE Returns in Enrolments for Ministry roll returns. From 2016 audit class lists are no longer mandatory for the Ministry, however these must be available when required, and for auditors.

Printing audit class lists during class time, to be available for auditors

From 2016 schools are not required to complete the Audit class lists, but the option to print them is available in edge.

The Audit Class lists reports alphabetically, students attending a class for the purpose of recording attendance.  For primary schools, this is the class in which a student regularly attends and for secondary school, their subject classes.

Schools using Electronic Attendance Registers
For all schools using electronic attendance registers, the Audit Class Lists is optional by the classroom teachers on the count date for the roll return and the school day before and the school day after, the roll return count date.  The Audit Class Lists must be completed by the classroom teachers during class time. This will enable a cross reference of names on the class list to names on the Full School Audit Roll to establish the attendance status of each student.
Schools may print the Audit Class Lists before the three day audit list period, have teachers complete the audit class lists over the three school day period and then retain them, with the copy of the roll return they submit to the Ministry, so that these audit class lists are available when the school is roll audited.
The Audit Class Lists must:
1. Be sorted alphabetically by student legal name.
2. Show the total number of students in that class. 
3. Have a declaration that reads: 
“This audit class list has been completed by the classroom teacher during class time.  All of the students in this class are shown on this class list.  The attendance shown accurately records whether the student was physically present or not in the class for each of the times when this class was taught during the relevant three day period.  Present must be clearly recorded with a P and Absent with an A.  
This audit class list accurately records the attendance of each student in this class.”
There must be provision for the teacher to sign the declaration and record their name and the date of the declaration.
4. Be printable upon request of the user.
5. Have additional spare lines so that the teacher can add the names of any students not included in the printed class list.
6. July - the Audit Class lists should print for funding year 1 to 8 students only.
7. June and September - the Audit Class lists should print for funding year 9 to 15 students only.
Schools using manual Attendance Registers
Schools using manual daily registers of attendance must complete the Audit Class Lists manually on the count date for the roll return. If they choose, schools using manual daily registers of attendance can also complete the Audit Class Lists on school days before and after the roll return count date.
Audit Class List Dates:Audit Class Lists are not required from 2016.

XXXXalphabetically A full school roll can be made during the day, or prior to sending the return/s. Individual class lists for teachers to mark roll day attendance are required to be signed, dated and returned on roll return day. See requirements for the September, March, June and 1 July return

  1. In the Generate Audit Class Lists page the audit period can be defined by choosing from the structured secondary dates, unless an alternative specified date is required. Where you click 'User Defined', a Date field will display. Use the date picker to select the date.

  2. The type of list must be identified, choose 'Form Classes' or 'Subject Classes'

  3. Click 'Generate'.  Once the file is generated, the page displays the period, date and time created then provides a file link to download in .pdf form for viewing and printing.

  4. The MoE Returns do not have to be fully completed on Roll Count Day, and schools have up to 10 days to get the required information to the Ministry. You can print an MoE Audit List (in Attendance), printing individual class lists for teachers to clearly mark rolls. It's important to note that MUSAC received updated requirements from the MoE on 23 June on marking audit class rolls for July returns. The MoE no longer requires the roll to be marked on roll count day, 1 July. This replaces the original 3 day specification, so that only the 1 July column on the edge generated audit class roll printout needs to be marked and signed by teachers. edge is programmed for the previous day, roll count day, and the following day's attendance - to be signed, dated and returned on Roll Count Day/s. The Māori Language Resourcing details are automatically generated when printing the .moe tables.

  5. (Secondary and Area Schools are required to print a list of senior students showing the current options they are taking.)


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