NCEA functionality is available for those assigned Group Leader, Subject Leader, Assessment Co-ordinator roles; and teacher roles access Student Summary pages for entering results for their own students.

Can I set up endorseable courses for recording NCEA course endorsements including bulk setup?

  1. Having selected your course:  

    • create a subject class

    • add students to this course

    • Edit/Delete this course

  2. In creating or editing a course, enter the reporting name (of <60 characters) when setting up the Course Endorsement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  3. Standards can only be attached to (or removed from) a Subject Class at the Course level, where the associated classes have the same standards and reflect the course endorsements. The course endorsement status for a subject class is determined by the right number and combination of standards being attached to a Course; so that any class on the particular course will by default, meet the Course Endorsement criteria, or not.

  4. Where a subject class necessitates working to a different group of Standards, a separate Course needs to be set up, called a 'Virtual' course. A Virtual course is usually defined as one that is not a specifically timetabled class. Instead it can be cross-curriculua with standards attached from two or more subject areas.  

  5. A student can be withdrawn from a standard, and this will impact on their Course Endorsement status.  

  6. Save changes.



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