January release notes

9th January

Bug fixes.

  • Fix for deleting event days from school calendar not working


14th January

Bug fixes.

  • Markbooks Copy All now updates the year if it is part of the markbook name e.g. "ENG 2019" becomes "ENG 2020"


28th January

Bug fixes.

  • Showing student assessment notes for previous years in admin mode
  • Markbook data entry: save only fields that have been entered/edited. This means data does not get overwritten if multiple users are in the same Markbook
  • Delete Assessment Change Requests when deleting pre-enrolled students.
  • Nav bar disappears when using the "Back to summary" button in report entry. Now only shows button in admin mode.
  • Fix for unable to process leaver
  • Fix for unable to delete markbook
  • Fix for timeout when displaying timetable conflicts
  • Fix for wrong student counts in timetable course summaries