National Assessment OTJ Teacher Entry

National Standards data entry

Recording of National Standards OTJ in Assessments​

Students in years 1-3 are required to be assessed prior to the anniversary of their school start date, then reported on in a reasonable time after the anniversary. Because children progress at different rates, both the progress rate and actual achievement are important to record. The School Entry Assessment is also accessed in this area.

Teachers contribute to the moderation of overall teacher judgments across the school. The edge Assessment Selection Summary displays tabs for different subject areas.

The Summary pages (completed) indicate statistics for year and level, and include student record transfer options.

  • From the Curriculum > Assessment > Enter Results page, select relevant class and National Standards tab, anniversary link to enter an OTJ. Note that it is not possible to enter an OTJ beyond the student's last date of attendance.

  • Enter results by clicking on the appropriate subject tab, enter date OTJ formed, comments and 'Note to Self'.

  • If the 'Best Fit' model has been set up by your school in Setup > School Settings this field will be available, otherwise the Ministry's 4-points of 'Well Below, Below, At, and Above' are used to make the overall teacher judgment for National Standards in each relevant subject area.

  • A list of anniversaries provided for student assessments based on student's first schooling date, has been automatically calculated.

In line with the reporting requirements for NAG2A, Teachers, Assessment Co-ordinators and Group Leaders are now able to enter the anniversary i.e. after 1, 2 and 3 years of school OTJ results for those students who have their anniversary OTJ in term 1 of the following calendar year. Conversely staff with these responsibilities can review and if required, edit the previous year's OTJ results when in Term 1 of the current academic year.

Use the Year Selector in the top right hand corner of the OTJ Class Summary screen to select the OTJ Anniversary year required.




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