August release notes

10th August.

Teacher View

  • Medical List and Print moved to the left hand side of the My Class Page
  • The functionality to mass email Students and Caregivers from the My Class page has been added.




  • Admin Users can go straight to Markbooks without first needing to go to Achievement page
  • Setup for Email to Students and Caregivers from School Settings page.
    1. The setup allows the school to determine if teachers are allowed to Email Students and/or caregivers and, if allowed to email caregivers, what caregivers can be emailed; Legal Guardians, Notice Recipients, or those with Data Access.
    2. There is also a setting to allow emails to caregivers if they are flagged as no access





  • The capability to flag a group as a Truancy Risk, ESOL or Special Needs group has been added. This is designed to give all staff more instant awareness about students as they are dealing with them.


  • When setting up a learning group, there is a tick box to flag this as a Truancy Risk, ESOL or Special Needs Group. We recommend using the built in groups as they will stay across years.
  • Truancy Risk will put a Red T beside the students name in the purple student header, in the my class page and on the Mark Attendance page. Likewise students will get either a blue globe icon if ESOL, or multicoloured hand icon if special needs, next to their name on myclass list and on purple student banner.
  • In Attendance, students flagged as a Truancy Risk will not be able to be marked using “Mark ALL Present”. They will need to be individually marked for attendance.



  • The Markbook configuration has been refined to allow teachers to configure what student data they want to see in a Markbook and then save this as a template.
  • Assay is now full screen within Edge


  • Speed improvement when going from Standard Edge into the Achievement/Markbook area.