The Science achievement objectives at each level are derived from the aims, which are grouped by strand. The Nature of Science strand is the unifying core strand, required learning for all students up to year 10. The other strands provide contexts for learning.


Science Thinking with Evidence


Curriculum strands - Science

  • Living World
  • Material World
  • Nature of Science
  • Physical World
  • Planet Earth & Beyond

The Science curriculum area is broken down to the following strands for each of the 8 levels. These curriculum assessments are able to be set up for students in Years 0-13, and all strands have the ability to enter a result of ‘early’ and ‘at’. For each year level you can select all curriculum levels and there's no restriction on how many results are entered. To change a result, so long as assessment points have been set up, you can view and edit saved results by selecting "Add/Edit" from an assessment point.

        Levels 1-10  Nature of Science is required learning, with the other four strands providing contexts for learning. Students in years 11-13 can specialise in one or more science disciplines, depending on choices offered in your school, eg. education for sustainability, biochemistry, agriculture, electronics or human biology.


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